How We Work

Money Matters! We believe it is best to be honest and transparent  in out dealings.

Our programs typically cost INR 150K to INR 500K per month
depending on your goals.

If you let us know your budget parameters in advance, our pricing won’t magically increase to fit your budget – we’ll simply tell you what we can accomplish given your resources. Likewise, if you know what goals you need to hit but don’t have budget identified yet, we’ll put together options that will allow us to reach those goals and then revise if the budget doesn’t match the goals.

In regards to how our services are structured, we typically work with clients in one of the following ways, or a combination of them:

Ongoing Retainer

Best For

Clients that want to create content themselves, but need guidance.

At Marcon, we understand that creating engaging content is not easy. We provide ghost writing services for clients who wish to add monthly deliverables to create a custom package. 

Used For

  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Quality Assurance
  • Content Promotion
  • Web Analytics
  • Other Ongoing Consulting Needs

Content Creation + Retainer

Best For

Clients wanting help with some or all of their content creation.

These deliverable packages are also bundled with time for consulting, promotion, and analytics.

Used For

  • Monthly/Quarterly Content Projects
  • Blog Content
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Search & Social PPC Management